Nokia E61
Category: Phones, Mobile Phones & Telecoms
Price: RS. 4000
Category: Cars
Price: RS. 785000
Interactive Mouse for PC
Category: Computers & Gaming
Price: RS. 300
Category: Sports, Leisure & Travel
Price: RS. 50
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Interactive Mouse for PC    (Enabled )  
OR call on 01717585731

Engage in computer technology! An easy-to-use mouse that allows the user to make a left click selection with a capability switch while an adult controls the mouse movement. Just move the mouse over a desired area on the screen, and then the child activates his or her switch to select the item. Great for teaching cause and effect, directionality and for increasing visual attention. PC computer with USB port running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or XP recommended. Size: 4½"L x 2½"W x 1¾"H. Weight: ¼ lb. Requires a Capability Switch.
Category : Computers & Gaming
Price : RS. 300

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech K120 waterproof keyboard. 105 key QWERTY model....
State :
Price : RS. 10
Ujjal Desktop

High quality workstation with a hardcore programmer who codes PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Zen...
State :
Price : RS. 999999
shawon's pc

Shwaon's pc is something like shawon itself.This pc can develop QT/php/SQL projects as well as this pc has vast knowledg...
State : Rajshahi
Price : RS. 100